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The Making of the March Hare

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

The first stage is a piece of “pre-felt” forming the base. I cover this with a layer of wool, by stabbing through with my barbed needle. At this point the mask is very flimsy but does have a shape. I usually put a layer of fleece from the Dartmoor Grey Face sheep on the inside of the mask as this makes a really strong base and then the mask is ready for the features to be added. Using the Dartmoor Grey Face once again, I roll logs of wool which are attached with my needle You can see that it is now beginning to take the shape of the hare and after much repeated stabbing, the wool becomes firm.

Adding the colouring and shading is a delight as the mask really takes on its identity. I am always excited when I finally add the eyes, as the animal really comes to life.

The March Hare can be seen in my wildlife mask gallery.

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