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We are delighted to undertake commissions for masks, puppets, cowls, pictures, badges or wall-art. 

In the past, we have undertaken masks of pets, fantasy creatures for role play as well as puppets for children's story telling events.


 Our Commissioning Process

At Valerian Fibres, we make one of a kind masks. Just as every face, whether animal or human, is unique- so are our masks. 

When we create a mask for you, it will be individually crafted and we will involve you in the design process. We will send you photos before the mask is finalised so you can ask for any adjustments.


Once you receive your mask is it covered by our complete satisfaction guarantee, so if you have any issues, you only have to get in touch.

More information about the masks and their uses can be found on our Further Information page.


How to get started!

Get in touch with me to discuss your requirements!

Very happy to hear from you by telephone, email or through a message on this site. Or even in person if you are near Bradford on Avon.  But do give me a ring first!

I will usually ask you for a photograph of the animal or pet to give me an idea of what you have in mind.

Click here for contact details.

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