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The Beowulf project - Grendel Mask

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

One of the lovely things about felting is that it comes as great resource to help out family members who might wander in one evening and announce that they may need a Grendel mask for the weekend for their drama/dance project - and by the way could I be ready to film it too!

However we had an unforgettable weekend in March making the video and the Grendel mask was featured in a number of scenes - including the epic one where Beowulf slices off the head. Not being at all experienced at camera work we must have filmed this at least 17 times! However, we only had one take at the Grendel mud dance for reasons which will become obvious if you watch the clip. I still find myself laughing at the finale. Also my Aries the Ram mask also came in useful - starring as Grendel's mother - the shadow on the wall.

So here is a picture from the project together with a link to the YouTube Video. Do enjoy it! The mud dance which happens a couple of minutes in is epic....

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