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Off to the Winter Droving - go the three billy goats gruff

Once upon a frosty eve, in a land not too far from here, there lived three adventurous billy goats named Gruff. Now, these weren't your ordinary, everyday goats. They were spirited, full of mischief, and always up for a challenge. And the greatest challenge in their world was the legendary Winter Droving festival.

The Winter Droving, you see, was a grand event in the fabled town of Penrith. It was a time of revelry, music, and masks, where creatures of all kinds gathered to celebrate the turning of the season. But to reach this splendid spectacle, one had to cross the Icy Bridge, guarded by the notorious Ice Troll.

Our three Gruff brothers, being known for their bravery (and perhaps a touch of stubbornness), decided that this year they would make the journey to the Winter Droving. And so, they set off with their tiny hooves clopping on the icy ground, their fur thick and warm, and a glint of mischief in their eyes.

As they approached the Icy Bridge, the eldest Gruff, who was wise beyond his years, went first. "Who goes there?" boomed the Ice Troll from beneath the bridge.

"It's I, Gruff the Brave," replied the eldest, puffing out his chest. "I'm on my way to the Winter Droving, and I won't be stopped!"

With a mighty thud and a slippery slide, the Ice Troll attempted to grab him, but Gruff was quick. He leaped over the troll's icy hand and continued on his way.

Next came the middle Gruff, who was known for his cleverness. "Who goes there?" bellowed the Ice Troll once more.

"It's me, Gruff the Clever," replied the middle one, his eyes twinkling with mischief. "I'm off to the Winter Droving, and no troll can stand in my way!"

The Ice Troll reached out once more, but Gruff the Clever was even quicker. He darted to the side, leaving the troll clutching only frosty air.

Finally, it was the youngest Gruff's turn. This Gruff, the smallest of them all but with a heart as big as a snowdrift, approached the Icy Bridge. "Who goes there?" thundered the Ice Troll yet again.

With a grin as wide as the frozen river, the youngest Gruff replied, "It's me, Gruff the Kind-hearted. I'm on my way to the Winter Droving, and I hope you can find it in your frosty heart to let me pass."

The Ice Troll, who had never been asked for anything by a traveler before, blinked in surprise. After a moment's thought, he said, "Very well, Gruff the Kind-hearted. You may pass, but only if you promise to share some warmth and merriment with me upon your return."

Gruff the Kind-hearted readily agreed, and the Ice Troll moved aside, allowing him to cross the Icy Bridge and join his brothers on the other side. Together, the three Gruff brothers continued their journey to the Winter Droving, where they danced, sang, and shared tales of their adventure with all the revelers.

And as for the Ice Troll, he warmed his heart by the fire of friendship that night, for kindness had melted the frostiest of barriers.

And so, dear friends , remember that in the midst of winter's chill, a warm heart can thaw even the iciest of encounters. The Winter Droving, with its masks, music, and merriment, is a celebration of the spirit of camaraderie that warms us all on the coldest of nights.


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