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Bradford on Avon Unlocked .....again!

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Although the original town celebration was cancelled in May due to bad weather, the event eventually took place on a showery day in July! Despite the rain and the fact that our amazing organiser was isolating due to covid, the event was great fun. We had a suitably comic town opening ceremony, complete with cannons and swans and a visit from the Natural Theatre Company and "Lady Unlocker herself".

This was the first time I have attended an event with all my masks and I was delighted with the response. It is amazing that everyone could have a favourite and they were all different! I was supposed to be working on my Red Stag mask but did very little that day as I was too busy chatting to people about my favourite subjects - wool and felting.

The highlight of the day for me was obviously the masked parade around Westbury Gardens. It was lovely to see all the children delighting in wearing their masks and following round and round.

Many thanks to Matt of the Natural Theatre Company for organising this amazing event for us.

And thanks to Zachary Francis-Cox for the wonderful photos.

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