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How to wear and display your mask 

Care of your new mask

Care of your new mask

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Further information

All items are handmade by me. Designs are unique and each product is an original.

Please check all details before ordering. If you require extra information or a quick dispatch, please get in touch before ordering.


  • PLEASE NOTE: These handmade masks and cowls are not toys and are not suitable for unsupervised play by children under 14.

  • They are not suitable for anyone with an allergy to wool, lanolin or other natural fibres

  • Please keep away from pets and from fire.

  • The masks and cowls should not get wet and are not washable.

  • Please note that this mask is made of wool and is certainly NOT indestructible.

  • You should avoid wearing it in the rain. If it does get wet, avoid rubbing the fibres, just blot it with a towel and leave it to dry on the mounting pad provided, which will help it retain the shape.

  • Please use the mounting pad to store the mask as it will help it to keep its shape.

  • Be vigilant for moth attacks and treat your mask if you spot any signs of infestation.


Further information for LARP and COSPLAY

Although visibility is good, it will obviously impede vision to a certain extent and therefore you need to be aware of this in combat situations and in the dark etc. The masks are designed to be used in “set pieces” and may not be suitable for use as kit for very active role-play. Please make sure you use the mask safely - Valerian Fibres does not accept any responsibility for accidents. The mask is very light for the size and detail included, but you may get warm in the sun.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

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